Aaron Robinson

Community Organizer

Aaron Robinson is a Community Organizer for the East Valley program in San Bernardino County. Aaron graduated from Clark-Atlanta University with a bachelor’s in Psychology and is enrolled at California Baptist University’s Masters of Public Health program with a concentration on Administration and Policy. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Faternity Inc., served active duty as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman Petty Officer, and is a reservist with a dive medical team. He will apply for an officer’s commissioning in 2022. Aaron’s passion for public health started at a young age while watching his community fall during the 1992 LA riots and the aftermath which consisted of a lack of resources and community structure. He has a passion for equity in areas ranging from political, racial, sexual orientation, and professional relationships. Aaron is most passionate about restoring community equity in underserved Black and Latino communities and creating programs that encourage women’s safety and protection.