Craig Reed

Regional Director | San Diego County Programs

“I build ways to help people and places thrive. Alcohol prevention, community organizing, and mentoring are just some of the means I move this purpose forward.”

Craig Reed is the regional director for San Diego County programs and the project director of the Binge and Underage Drinking Initiative – a project in San Diego County which coordinates efforts across all six county regions and uses upstream prevention strategies to reduce alcohol-related harms across the County.

One of Craig’s current efforts involves building a career support structure within IPS – allowing staff to grow their skills and challenge themselves no matter where they are in their career. This has involved strengthening IPS’s internship program in order to help participants build a strong foundation of skills, creating support systems for those working in middle management looking to improve their leadership abilities, and adding new features to IPS’s development process that, when fully implemented, will support any staff interested in building and finding funding for a project idea of theirs.

Craig graduated from Michigan State University with both his bachelor’s in creative writing and his master’s in public health administration. Craig has gone on to complete his certificate in nonprofit management at the University of San Diego and is certified in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. When not at work, Craig spends much of his time leading the Envision La Mesa community group, which works to revitalize and improve neighborhoods in the City of La Mesa.