Lupita Martinez

Program Manager

“Community may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Treat everyone with dignity and respect and the rest will follow!”

Lupita Martinez is the Program Manager for the East Valley Prevention Project in San Bernardino County. She received her Bachelor’s in Sociology at the California State University of San Bernardino. She has a decade of experience in the field of Environmental Drug Prevention. First, as a youth coalition member, she had immense involvement in developing an Alcohol-Free Quinceañera Institutional Policy in the Diocese of San Bernardino, where she first gained exposure to alcohol policy development in her community. Following her work as a Community Organizer and Prevention Specialist and now in her role as a Program Manager, her enthusiasm for the work has not changed. She is passionate about data and research and assessing community needs and assets to help create a positive and intentional impact in the community.

Although she has served in many capacities in the field, it became apparent at a very early stage that her main priority would be to positively impact as many individuals as possible and work with them to achieve long-lasting and sustainable change in their neighborhoods. Doing work that promotes equitable spaces for the community to thrive is the ultimate goal in her eyes. She believes that making small differences adds up and can inspire those around us to believe in their capacity to make a difference.

During her free time, Lupita enjoys participating in any outdoor activity where the sun thrives (thank you, California weather!). She also enjoys spending time with loved ones and is passionate about personal development and wellness.