Alcohol & Drug Prevention

IPS has an expansive history reducing the economic and societal toll exacted by drugs and alcohol within communities. We focus on balancing the interests of businesses with those of residents. We work to influence the social, political, cultural, legal, and physical conditions that contribute to alcohol- and drug-related harms. We place an emphasis on protecting youth by reducing availability, access, and risk.

West Hollywood Project

The West Hollywood Project aims to reduce alcohol- and other drug-related harms in the City of West Hollywood, California.

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West Hollywood Project-Boom
Westside Impact

Westside Impact Project

As the designated provider for a Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) in Santa Monica, California from 2012-16, IPS staff engaged with the Santa Monica Police Department and City of Santa Monica to launch the Westside Impact Project.

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Overdose Data to Action Program

The Overdose Data to Action Program (OD2A) utilized IPS’s upstream approach to prevent opioid misuse in the East and South regions of San Diego County.

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Opioid Addiction

Rethinking Access to Marijuana Team

Rethinking Access to Marijuana

IPS formed the Rethinking Access to Marijuana (RAM) Countywide workgroup in 2015 to protect youth in L.A. County from marijuana-related harms in the likelihood marijuana would be legalized for recreational use.

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High Desert Community Coalition

The High Desert Community Coalition formed in early 2012 to address a deadly public health issue — synthetic drugs were being sold in smoke shops and liquor stores in over-concentrated areas throughout the High Desert in San Bernardino County, California.

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Advocating for Cannabis regulation at City of Hesperia
Responsible Redlands Image

Responsible Redlands

The Responsible Redlands Initiative was a collaborative effort to curb problems related to binge and underage drinking and to improve the business practices of alcohol retailers.

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Responsible Beverage Sales and Service Campaign

In partnership with the Responsible Hospitality Coalition (RHC) of San Diego County, IPS has been providing training on responsible methods for sales and service of alcoholic beverages since 1996.

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Pouring Shots
Barstow SAFE Youth Group

SAFE Barstow Drug Free Communities Coalition

The Substance Abuse Free Environment (SAFE) Coalition was comprised of members who represented the diverse, rural, desert community of Barstow, California, with representation from many different sectors of the small city, including the school district, local law enforcement, youth, youth-serving organizations, parents, businesses, healthcare, media, local government, and substance abuse organizations.

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Drug Paraphernalia Task Force

The Drug Paraphernalia Campaign was a countywide effort to hold smoke shops accountable for facilitating and glamorizing illicit drug use, which made it more appealing to youth.

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Drug Paraphernalia Task Force
High-Risk Drinking

A Matter of Degree

A Matter of Degree (AMOD) was a national initiative to address high-risk drinking by college students at ten major universities across the country.

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San Diego-Tijuana Cross Border Underage Drinking Project

The IPS-led Border Project focused on underage youth crossing the border between San Diego and Mexico to consume alcohol in Tijuana. Goals included reducing the injuries, auto fatalities, fights, and assaults that resulted when intoxicated youth returned to San Diego.

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Cross Border Underage Drinking