Health & Wellbeing

IPS is on the front lines with communities harnessing grassroots power to advocate for policies, practices, and procedures that promote health and wellbeing, from promoting healthy food access to revitalizing neighborhoods.

Preparing Healthy Food

Cal Fresh Healthy Living

The Cal Fresh Healthy Living Project aimed to reduce the prevalence of obesity and chronic disease among low-income Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) eligible populations.

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Community Gardens

Sponsored by THRIVE Lemon Grove, the Community Gardens Project in Lemon Grove, California focused on enhancing the overall health of community members.

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Working In The Garden
Dining Group

Smoke Free Dining

The Smoke Free Patios Project was a campaign to establish more smoke-free areas in family restaurants doing business in the southern region of San Diego County. The project’s goal was to eliminate the threat of secondhand smoke in outdoor dining areas via the adoption of smoke-free policies.

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