Policy Development

In states and communities, on reservations, and at universities around the country, IPS has convened coalitions and partnered with community groups to advance policies that have a demonstrated influence on public health, safety, and equity.

Los Angeles Drug & Alcohol Policy Alliance

The Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Policy Alliance (L.A. DAPA) is a coalition of public health agencies and community stakeholders who advocate for safe and healthy communities.

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CAPA Sacramento

California Alcohol Policy Alliance

The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) was formed in 2015 to unite diverse organizations and communities throughout California in preventing alcohol-related harm through statewide legislative action.

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Risk-Related Business Campaigns (El Cajon DAO)

Enforcement operations in the City of El Cajon targeted problematic alcohol retailers — primarily convenience stores — that were selling high-risk alcohol products to underage youth.

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Risk Related Business Campaigns

Social Host Campaign

Social Host Campaign, San Diego

The Social Host Campaign was an effort throughout San Diego County to reduce underage drinking at house parties, the most common venue for youth to access alcohol.

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Montana Community Change Project

The State of Montana had one of the highest rates of alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the nation. The IPS-led Montana Community Change Project worked to change that by addressing binge drinking among youth and adults across the state.

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