Alcohol Policy Panel

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The Alcohol Policy Panel (APP) of San Diego County is a coalition of community leaders from diverse sectors of San Diego County who convene to prevent binge and underage drinking through policy advancement. The coalition applies the latest research and best practices in the field of upstream prevention to its advocacy and strategy efforts.

APP’s vision is a county where the role of alcohol is determined by its community stakeholders and not by the alcohol industry. It seeks to achieve this by advancing informed alcohol policies that promote safe, healthy and thriving communities.

Some of APP’s successes include restricting hard alcohol at all 90 San Diego County parks and making all but one San Diego County beach alcohol-free. Another success includes the adoption of ordinances in multiple San Diego cities that limit billboards near youth-frequented areas from advertising alcohol-related products.

APP monitors and advocates on state legislation that could negatively impact San Diego County. Examples include alcohol availability in neighborhoods already exceeding the limits set by Alcoholic Beverage Control, making alcohol-related products more appealing to youth, and reducing safeguards intended to keep alcohol products out of the hands of youth.

Alcohol Policy Panel