Envision Broadway

IPS established Envision Broadway in 2019 – an ongoing strategic effort to revitalize the Broadway corridor in Chula Vista, California. Envision Broadway has brought together non-profit, business, government, and community leaders to invest in the future of Broadway. They have agreed that Broadway is the economic backbone of Chula Vista, particularly because the corridor is the commercial zone generating the most sales tax revenue for the city. Yet, it has continued to be one of the most forgotten areas.

The Envision Broadway coalition has adopted a vision of a thriving, multi-cultural business district that could serve as the gateway to the Bayfront, where tourists and local families could enjoy the fine arts, walking, dining, shopping, and live entertainment.

Envision Broadway has been broken into three phases: Phase 1) Assessment and community engagement, particularly by local businesses and residents; Phase 2) Cleaning up Broadway, which encompasses community clean-ups and graffiti removal projects, as well as policy changes designed to reduce crime and establish enhanced business standards that attract more visitors and residents;  Phase 3) Business revitalization, which will create a sense of community among businesses and area residents and transform Broadway into a tourist destination. The coalition’s vision includes a Business Improvement District offering annual cultural events, zoning amendments that attract a diverse variety of small businesses, and incentives for businesses to make physical improvements to their properties.

As of October 2020, Envision Broadway is in the middle of Phase 1. Check back for future updates.

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