San Diego Countywide Media Advocacy Program

The San Diego Countywide Media Advocacy (CWMA) Program, used media advocacy to promote policies that prevent harms stemming from alcohol and other drugs, including alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine and opioids.

CWMA pitched story ideas that supported AOD initiatives, such as advocating for regulations that limit the number of liquor licenses in neighborhoods and encouraging cities in San Diego County to adopt social host ordinances — laws that hold party hosts accountable if there is underage drinking or marijuana use.

Through media advocacy, the CWMA promoted bans on vaping and vape devices, supported increasing the number of drug recognition experts in the field, and encouraged doctors to use California’s Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) database for tracking prescription drugs.

The project also connected the dots between substance use and secondary effects such as adverse childhood experiences, suicide, and sexual assault.

San Diego Media Advocacy Program Interview