Safe WeHo Leadership Council

The Safe Weho Leadership Council was a project to advance responsible business practices in West Hollywood, California by engaging with city officials and the business community.

West Hollywood’s vibrant entertainment districts — while an important aspect of the City’s economy and culture — created an overflow of business patrons as well as public intoxication, personal injury, property damage and other forms of neighborhood disruption. Crowded sidewalks directly adjacent to busy city streets has also been a safety hazard.

Led by IPS, the Safe WeHo Leadership Council (SWLC) aimed to introduce policies that would reduce such problems while fostering a vital and prosperous hospitality industry. This was accomplished when the SWLC successfully advocated for the addition of a new law enforcement position, an Alcohol Liaison Officer, to the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department. The role of the officer was to proactively engage with alcohol businesses, provide training and technical assistance in managing alcohol-related problems, and ensure compliance with local health and safety recommendations.

The SWLC was comprised of representatives from City Hall, the Sheriff’s Department, the Chamber of Commerce, and owners of local alcohol-service businesses.

Upon the recommendation of the SWLC, the proposal was unanimously approved by the city council in October of 2017 and the new position was staffed the following year.

Safe WeHo

The goal of the project was to develop policies and procedures to reduce problems while fostering a vital and prosperous hospitality industry.