Advancing Equity

IPS partners with communities to advance equity. Together, we identify systemic causes of disparities. We build community cohesion to amplify the voices of those most affected by unfair community conditions. We provide the training, tools, and organizational support necessary to create health and opportunity.

Partnerships for Success (P4S)

The Partnerships for Success (P4S) Project promotes equitable opportunities among under-resourced Latino residents in the Southern Border Region of San Diego County.

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Partnerships for Success
Work Group

Intersections Initiative

IPS worked in close partnership with the Intersections Initiative, which was led by our sister company, the Global Institute for Public Strategies. Intersections focused on the High Desert Region of San Bernardino County.

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Risk-Related Business Density

The density of retail alcohol establishments in the City of Los Angeles emerged as a priority area of concern following a comprehensive IPS-led assessment.

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Bar Density