SpeakWell Spokesperson Training

Through its SpeakWell program, IPS provides spokesperson training to leaders of community organizations, their members and other volunteers who are working on equity-related issues in the county. The goal of the project is to help community members become effective advocates by speaking to the media or making presentations to a city council, school board, planning commission or other decision-making body.

Since December 2018, high school and college students, interns, resident leadership academies, and members of community coalitions operating in San Diego County have been trained as spokespeople. Participants in the program also learn how to write an editorial or opinion piece to submit to news outlets.

The training includes various hands-on exercises designed to increase confidence and comfort in a public speaking forum. Participants practice their new skills in a team-based, mock presentation. Using a Message Triangle, a tool to help organize talking points, teams present their issues to the whole group, who play the role of a city council member or representative from the media. Speakers are videotaped so they can review their performance with instant feedback provided by the trainers and fellow participants.

SpeakWell Presentation