Breny Aceituno

Program Director

“I am perpetually inspired by all those who work to build resilience and equity in underserved communities. And, as a child of immigrants who was raised in the crevices of a fractured community, I could not help but become their ally.”

Breny Aceituno is a program director of the Institute for Public Strategies (IPS). Her work at IPS aims to disarm the health disparities present in Latino communities living near the San Diego border. Breny graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s in Political Science. She earned a master’s degree in Conflict Management from the University of Haifa in Israel. Breny considers herself a lifelong learner driven by the actionable accountable measures that can improve our communities.

She has a passion for conflict management, investigative journalism, and all the wonders that are often unmasked in places made up of dichotomies (i.e. border towns, conflict zones, and isolated communities).

Breny is currently a fellow at the Leadership Training Institute Program, facilitated by UCSD and the Chicano Federation.

Breny Aceituno