Ilse Alva

Project Assistant

“I’ve witnessed the inequities some communities face here in San Diego and as a proud first-generation Mexican-American who grew up in beautiful South San Diego, I want to help promote healthy social, economic, and physical environments where future generations can thrive.”

Ilse Alva (she/her/ella) is the Project Assistant for the Welfie team in San Diego County. She was born and raised in San Ysidro, CA, and moved to Los Angeles, CA to study English at UCLA. Afterwards, she spent a short time in New York City pursuing publishing to help promote Latine representation in literature. Before IPS, Ilse worked as an admin assistant/project coordinator at a non-profit association for independent publishers, where she learned that working at a mission-driven organization with a strong community was rewarding and invaluable to her. It wasn’t long until she moved back to San Diego to work alongside the community that helped raise her. Ilse loves reading horror/thriller books, watching reality TV, and helping /attending events at Centro Cultural de la Raza. She also always prioritizes her daily nature walks with her sister and her dog.