• “Lights! Camera! ADVOCATE!”

    Everything You Need to Know to Bring Media Attention to Your Cause

  • “Lights! Camera! ADVOCATE!”

    Everything You Need to Know to Bring Media Attention to Your Cause

A Workshop for Public Health Professionals,
Advocates and Community Organizers

Certificate Provided

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PST on Zoom

Media can be used to raise issues on the public agenda, build political will and create change. Using the fictional town of Parkville, this virtual workshop will dive deeply into every stage of a successful multimedia campaign. You’ll leave with the knowledge and tools you need to generate consistent, impactful news coverage for your cause.

Topics Include:

  • Strategic planning that results in news coverage
  • Engaging the modern newsroom
  • Using social media to amplify your message
  • Writing press releases and editorials that get attention

About Parkville

Parkville’s one park, Park Central, is abandoned and in disrepair. Through this workshop, you’ll learn how the fictional Parkville Alliance uses media advocacy to influence lawmakers to revitalize Park Central and create better health outcomes for Parkville. “Lights! Camera! ADVOCATE!” will provide you with the essentials of media advocacy that you can apply in your own work.

Opening Remarks: Dr. Roneet Lev

Podcaster and Former First Chief Medical Officer
White House Office of National Drug Control Policy

Dr. Roneet Lev is an emergency and addiction doctor who has served as the first Chief Medical Officer of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. She hosts a podcast, High Truths, where she regularly interviews figures influencing national policy, including Secretary Ben Carson and Senator Patrick Kennedy.

Dr. Lev will open the event with remarks on the Power of Media to Create Change.

Host: Cynthia Nickerson
IPS Associate

Cynthia Nickerson’s broadcast media background includes two decades as a news anchor/health reporter for television and radio stations in Louisiana, Florida and Virginia. Cynthia has a Master’s Degree in Health Communications and worked for four years as a Media Specialist in the Institute for Public Strategies’ (IPS’) Los Angeles office.


Sarah Blanch
IPS Vice President

Sarah Blanch has a deep understanding of how to use media to achieve policy objectives and advance population-level change. She has on-the-ground experience with large-scale, municipal- and state-level policy campaigns that are won through media advocacy and community organizing. Sarah has a degree in Political Science from Stanford University.

Meredith Gibson

Meredith Gibson
IPS Media Advocacy Director

Meredith Gibson provides strategic direction for IPS’ media efforts, resulting in coverage at the local and national levels. In 2018, she launched IPS’ SpeakWell program, workshops that give community members tools to create positive change through media advocacy. Meredith has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgia Tech.

Paul Levikow
IPS Media Advocacy Manager

Paul Levikow worked for several years as a writer, editor and reporter in news radio; assignment editor and producer in television news; and freelance reporter for the Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and other national print publications; and communications director for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office.

About IPS Trainings

For the past 30 years, IPS has provided media advocacy training to organizations throughout the United States. Having received national and international recognition for its media campaigns, IPS leverages its experience to train groups on developing comprehensive media strategies that integrate traditional and digital media and support coalitions in achieving policy objectives. The focus? Getting coverage in an ultra-competitive media landscape. Organizations around the country have benefited from IPS’ in-depth media advocacy trainings.

Testimonials from attendees at IPS’ trainings:

“This training far exceeded all of my expectations. I feel like I got a four-year education.”

“It was like a great awakening for me. I can’t wait to see how much it transforms my quality of work.”

“The topic was explained thoroughly, and the presenters provided practical ways of getting the piece out and writing op eds.”

“The presenters were extremely knowledgeable and you could tell they are passionate about this topic.”

Ticket Cost: $299 per person

If you have any questions, email info@publicstrategies.org.