Transgender Remembrance Day, November 20

The Institute for Public Strategies acknowledges and mourns the loss of transgender and gender diverse lives this past year, many of whom are often nameless. We commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance to bring awareness to the violence committed against transgender and gender diverse people who are endeavoring to live their lives authentically. We commit to advocating for more policies that facilitate their security, inclusivity, and livelihoods.

According to theย Human Rights Campaign (HRC), 2020 was the most violent year for transgender and gender diverse people. And yet, 2021 is on its way to being even deadlier. HRC has already documented 38 murders in our nation against transgender or gender diverse people. Most were Black or Latinx transgender women.

Data show that transgender people disproportionately face homelessness, unemployment, lack of access to health care, and lack of access to food. On top of that, LGBTQ+ advocates are combating aย record number of bills against transgender children. It is evident that to this day, none of our systems โ€“ local, state, or nationwide โ€“ offer sufficient protection for our transgender community.

The violent increase of transphobic hate crime in 2021 is not acceptable. We must work together to change this reality. It is our responsibility to keep our communities safe, and as a nation we can no longer stand idly by while members of the transgender community face violent and systemic discrimination. If we want to preserve our democracy, we must ensure rights and liberties extend to all members of society.

IPS works alongside communities to build power, challenge system of inequity, protect health, and improve quality of life. IPS has a vision for safe, vibrant, and healthy communities where everyone can thrive.