IPS to Lead Sessions at the NPN Conference

SAN DIEGO, July 2023 – IPS is pleased to announce that several team members will lead multiple sessions at the National Prevention Network’s (NPN) annual conference in Birmingham, AL, on August 15 – 17, 2023. The conference is hosted by the National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors.

Since 1988, NPN has brought together prevention professionals, coalition leaders, researchers, and federal partners to share research, best practices, and promising evaluation results for the purpose of integrating research into prevention practice. IPS will share its expertise in involving youth in policy advocacy, community organizing at the grasstops and grassroots levels, and using data and technology in prevention efforts.

The following topics will be presented:

Young Advocates Program: Successes from a Tri-County Partnership on Amplifying Youth-Based Leadership and Advocacy through a Comprehensive Internship Program. Craig Reed, San Diego County Regional Director; Kendall Watanabe, Los Angeles County Regional Director; and Carolina Gabaldon, San Bernardino – High Desert Program Manager

Mapping Inequities in Neighborhoods with Alcohol Overconcentration. Meredith Gibson, Media/GIS Director

The Alcohol Policy Panel: A Successful 25-Year Partnership Connecting Prevention Providers, Elected Officials, Business Owners, and Community Members. Eric Collins, Vice President of Programs; and Craig Reed, San Diego County Regional Director

The West Hollywood Project — Innovative Strategies to Reduce Meth Overdoses and Leverage Partnerships to Effectively Distribute Harm Reduction Supplies within the LGBTQ+ Community. Darwin Rodriguez, West Hollywood Project Program Manager

IPS works alongside communities to build power, challenge systems of inequity, protect health and improve quality of life. IPS has a vision for safe, secure, vibrant and healthy communities where everyone can thrive.